Help Wanted!!!!

ALL PI trails will be opening sometime around  May 25, 2018
Until then the Trails are CLOSED!!!

Upcoming Club Ride

Welcome to the Star City ATV Club.
We will be having the next MEETING at the OTC Building
located at 25 Lombard Street, Presque Isle on
Wednesday April 3, 2019 @ 6:30pm


Irving Lands Riding Requirements (2019)

We are certainly  privileged again this season to be able to ride Irving Lands ATV trails.  Our Map Section of this site shows you where these trails are and how to access them but there are requirements that must be met to be able to ride these trails.  Here they are:

First, you must belong to an ATV Club that has acquired and paid for a "Liability Insurance" purchased from "Maine ATV".  Secondly, you must be a current paid member of that said local ATV club.  You will have to have your club's sticker on your unit along with the round Maine ATV sticker on your unit.  Thirdly, you must have your club registration card on your person while riding.

If any of these requirements are not met and you are checked by either an Irving representative or State of Maine Warden Service, you will be held liable and probably be given a ticket.  So please, follow these required steps and help us keep our relationship with Irving "Top Notch" so that we can continue to enjoy these trails.  Also, please stay on marked trails only.  They will not tolerate any infractions.